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The best drinking experience!

It is widely known that SIGG’s product design is always in sync with the latest trends… So, let’s take a moment to discuss this exciting drinking experience.

The famous Swiss drinking bottles are not only functional, but also visually appealing, and their latest thermo flasks, specifically their Meridian bottle line, is available in a variety of contemporary colours and designs which justifies the above statement!

Timeless. Consistent. Excellence.

Their high-quality 18/8 stainless steel bottles can fit in the hand particularly well due to their slim body and neck shape, whereas the ergonomic drinking lip and excellent opening diameter offer an extremely comfortable drinking experience.
The exquisite bamboo cap is another unique feature of the Meridian bottle’s no-corners-and-edges design.
The silicone seal, combined with the easy grip, does not allow accidental spills of your beverage or drink.
The double-walled, copper-coated, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel body keeps the content inside hot and/or cold for a long period. The container contains no parts that prevent dust or bacteria due to its seamless design.
The bottle’s traditional yet modern appearance satisfies all demographics – no matter where you take your bottle.

Sustainable bottle design!

SIGG has established a number of sustainability objectives, and the thermo flasks in the Meridian collection is an excellent example of how the brand implements this value! 

All bottles are food-safe and designed to last for a long period, free from contaminants such as BPA and plastic – the ideal way to wow you while also making a sustainable statement.

Is it important for you to reduce your consumption of disposable PET bottles?
Do you worry about the state of our planet?
Meridian’s water bottle series is a great combination of lifestyle design and environmental consciousness.


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