SIGG Cyprus: Hiking Style Trends

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Hiking has become one of the most popular sports – and we have seen that it has developed into various forms!

A quick glance at the outdoor sections of department and sport stores reveals that outstanding design and high quality products and accessories are both required to attract hiking lovers in Cyprus.

So, whether you’re a hiking newbie or just want to do more hiking and backpacking, then you’ve come to the right place, cause we’re about to share our one and only favourite hiking accessory to incorporate more adventure in your life! 

And for those who are looking for new equipment and concerned about the durability of the product, this might be an excellent choice – the one and only SIGG Hiking water bottles!

The Iconic “Traveller Bottle” 

If there is a synonym for the individual drinking bottle as a long-term companion, it is unquestionably the SIGG brand. Since 1908, the SIGG brand has been identified with quality. The classic Traveller water bottle has even made its way into the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art.
Are you a hipster, an athlete, a traditionalist? There’s definitely the perfect bottle with a design you’ll love in the SIGG’s Cyprus current collection!


Let the Hiking begin!

Overall, hiking is a trend that is difficult to ignore in Cyprus- anybody can participate and enjoy the hype surrounding it and be fascinated by the high quality and design of the right equipment and accessories, and SIGG Cyprus water bottles are definitely something to be impressed by!
So why don’t you just take advantage of it? You won’t regret it! 

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