SIGG Cyprus: Colourful Easter with SIGG – Sustainable Gift Ideas

Only after the last Easter egg has been cracked and the last chocolate bunny has been devoured will you notice that these brightly colored gift ideas are the only things to last longer.

Easter is almost around the corner, just like every year. And when it comes to exchanging Easter gifts, usually the more chocolate eggs or traditional treats you get, the better!
Well this time might be the time for a change.

Cool water bottles make your kids look (and drink) cooler
​​The Viva One bottles are simple to use and notoriously leak-proof, regardless of what’s inside. Even carbonated drinks are no problem for the closure, which was specially developed for children’s bottles. Furthermore, the cover protects the mouthpiece from dirt keeping your children safe from any bacteria.
Children’s bottles range in size from small bottles for kindergarten or school children, to larger drinking bottles for teenagers.
The bottle comes in a wide range of designs, ranging from the trendiest comic heroes to enticing comical characters or bold monochrome trend hues.

So, if you’re looking for a unique Easter gift this year, your kids are sure to appreciate a wonderful SIGG water bottle.

An alternative Easter nest
Consider our lunch box as a handy gift!
After all, why not?
This gift idea is very unique and can be used in so many ways, especially during Easter.  
Fill this little “gadget” with small delights and give it to your kids or any other chocolate junkie friend or family member and voila! Here’s your perfect Easter nest filled with goodies.

With SIGG lunch boxes, your food stays fresh and tasty at the same time and can safely preserve your meals thanks to its secure top that shuts the lunch box with two clips and a sealing ring.

They are suitable for all types of people and ages, small children, adults, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and trendy individuals, this sustainable lunch box can be your faithful long-term companion wherever you go.

So have fun exploring our products at MY-SIGG website for a detailed review!

If you are looking for a long-lasting Easter gift for your loved ones, visit online shop and find our range of the best water bottles in Cyprus and our lunch boxes, and choose what fits your everyday lifestyle better! 



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