SIGG Cyprus: Back to School with SIGG Cyprus Kids Water Bottles!

kids water bottles in cyprus

Functionality, cheerful design, and most importantly HYGIENE!

Hygiene has always been the number 1 concern for parents with children going to school, but in recent months it has become critical. SIGG water bottles will not only keep your children hydrated, but it will also keep the drinking lid free of germs and bacteria. 


Thanks to our unique top design, when your kids water bottle is closed, the mouthpiece is protected from dust and pollutants.

All of our materials are food-safe and free of BPA and potentially dangerous compounds like oestrogen-active substances and phthalates.

Whether in school or kindergarten, our bottles will become your child’s new best friend.
Made of high-quality materials, it’s long-lasting and convenient to transport in a school bag or backpack! 

And if you are concerned that things may become too heavy – don’t worry, our SIGG water bottles are also made of lightweight materials, and most importantly they are leak and spill-proof even when held horizontally or upside-down!

But there’s only one thing that matters, and this is to remain hydrated at all times. 

Single-use plastic PET bottles are not just bad for the environment, but they are also not particularly appealing to youngsters. 

Why not encourage them to drink more water by giving them an eco-friendly water bottle with a playful and fun design?

At SIGG, we put our hearts and souls into the design and production of kid’s water bottles. We collaborate with artists and designers to create prints that your child will adore, including Disney characters!

Take your pick! We’ve got it all!

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