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Sunshine in a sachet: the smart way to get your Vitamin D!
How it works

Forget hard-to-swallow pills and low quality sprays, this Zooki is where the sunshine vitamin meets lipid wrapped deliciousness.

Take one sachet a day
Rip it open and take it whenever is most convenient for you. Zooki is designed to be easy to include into your daily routine.
Try it for one month
Consistency is key with Zooki; form a habit, build it into your routine and try to take it at the same time every day for a month.
Each sachet of Vitamin D Zooki also contains an impressive 3000iu of lipid-wrapped Vitamin D, with an added 100ug of Vitamin K2. Take one sachet daily for targeted support.
Vitamin D Zooki is great for lots of different things! The main ones are to support your immune system, muscle performance, and the strength of your bones and teeth. It’s hard to hit your daily vitamin D quota without supplementing, especially in the winter months, so Vitamin D Zooki is a perfect way to ensure you’re getting enough.
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