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High strength, easy absorption Vitamin C to support your immune system, energy levels and collagen formation all packed into a delicious, on-the-go sachet.

How it works

Forget your effervescent tablets and hard-to-swallow pills. Zooki delivers Vitamin C into your system in a way that will leave you wanting more!

Take one sachet a day
Rip it open and take it whenever is most convenient for you. Zooki is designed to be easy to include into your daily routine.
Try it for one month
Consistency is key with Zooki; form a habit, build it into your routine and try to take it at the same time every day for a month.
There are a few things that make Vitamin C Zooki different. One of our main differentiators is how we go about formulating our products; you won’t find ethanol or artificial preservatives such as potassium sorbate. It also tastes amazing, which is definitely a new one for lipid-wrapped vitamins!
We always recommend pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18 and individuals with known medical conditions to consult a medical professional before taking any new dietary supplements.
After taking Zooki for a month, we’re confident that you’ll love it as much as we do!
Vitamin C Zooki is made using only 100% natural, vegan, sustainably sourced ingredients, making it perfect for vegans!
We recommend taking all Zooki products early in the day so you can feel the benefits as the day goes on.
Vitamin C Zooki is generally safe for children, however we always recommend consulting with a medical professional before giving any dietary supplement to children under the age of 18. Young children under the age of 13 do not need a full sachet, and if they have too much it may temporarily upset their stomach. To manage how much to give to children, we recommend mixing with a small amount of water, adding it to yoghurt or giving it to them off a teaspoon. We recommend ages 4 – 8 have up to one teaspoon daily and children 8 – 13 have half a sachet.


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