Shield Therm Uni-Stars 0.5L

34.90 vat incl.



Meet the coolest kid’s bottle around! The Shield Therm ONE Kids bottle is easy to open and close thanks to the one-push top, yet durable enough to sustain a tumble without leaking. The vacuum insulated copper-coated double-wall construction will keep your child’s favorite beverages cold for an incredible 36 hours. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Of course it goes without saying that their insulating properties also make them perfectly suitable for hot drinks. For children aesthetics can mean everything, so we’ve made sure to offer a broad assortment of charming and colorful designs. The Shield Therm ONE Kids bottle, made from 90% postconsumerrecycling stainless steel, is the ethical alternative to single-use plastic containers. And, like all SIGG bottles, it’s completely BPA free and has met strict EU food safety standards to ensure a healthy drinking experience. This bottle means that your child will always have a cold or, if preferred, hot drink to hand.


Height: 22 cm    Ø: 7.3 cm   Weight: 243 gr

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