Gemstone FJ Selenite 0.5L

34.90 vat incl.


“Meal Prep” is the hot new food trend that’s getting kitchens steaming around the world. Cook and take your own food with you – instead of eating out with expensive and often unhealthy food. The Food Jar made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel is a new development based on the excellent insulating properties of the Gemstone collection. As you can eat directly from the Food Jar, you’re free to enjoy more time at lunch. The 0.5-liter version allows you to take complete menus with you to work – or a big and healthy mixed salad. The 0.5-liter Obsidian Food Jar is as resistant and durable as stone and timeless like a gem.



Height: 14.2 cm    Widht: 9.8 cm   Weight: 390 gr.

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